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Director: Amy Crighton

Writer: Katrina Bennett

Lighting and Technical Designer: Sam Osborne

R&D Producers: Megan Brewer & Gabriella Sills

R&D Cast:

Freya: Clare Stenning

Amber: Boo Jackson

Craig: Davy Roderick

Dee: Miguel Barrulas

Developed with the support of Barrel Organ as part of 'Barrel Organ and Company 2022'

Supported by Arts Council England & Derby Theatre

Meet Dee, Craig, Amber, and Freya. They know they're cute, queer, and poly, but are less
sure how to introduce themselves at a party...
Follow the group as they grapple with queerness, their parents and (most importantly) what
to eat for dinner.

CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER uses technology to present separate journeys. Don your
headphones to hear directly from your fighter and understand their journey better than
anyone else. Taking inspiration from the experience of narrative video games, we align you
with one character who’s corner you’ll be in the whole time.

Through witnessing one person’s story first-hand, will this align moral judgement in their
favour? Will the heroes and the villains be the same for everyone? Is it possible to
manufacture intimacy to sway opinion?

Join us as we take an intimate look at the multifaceted nature of the queer experience.

Photography by Beatrice Debney

Work-in-progress performances:

15th April 2022 - National Student Drama Festival 2022 - Curve Theatre, Leicester

23rd April 2022 - Shoot Festival 2022 - Shopfront Theatre, Theatre Absolute, Coventry

8th November 2022 - SHOUT Festival 2022 - Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham 


25th-29th July 2022 - Derby Theatre

Photography by Gabriella Sills

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